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Sport is synonymous with coaching.

Every sport invests enormous resources to ensure their athletes and players have access to top level coaching to realise their potential and perform to their highest capabilities. Why would you not coach off-field talent in the same way?

Our panel of highly trained and accredited executive coaches all have extensive sports industry leadership backgrounds and combine this with the very best in coaching and mentoring skills and techniques to bring the best out of current and future leaders.

Why Executive Coaching?

Our executive coaching, whether for individuals or teams, is focused on achieving high-performance and tangible outcomes.

The KinseySears panel of qualified and accredited coaches are highly skilled in providing the focus, clarity, improved thinking and challenge necessary to achieve your goals and objectives.

For those being coached the process is often enlightening and full of pragmatic benefits; identifying specific goals and refining focus, knowledge or skill enhancement, increased confidence, better decision-making, the ability to manage change and potential career enhancement.

The Power of Coaching

We help people focus their thinking and find their own answers.

Our role as a coach/mentor is to empower clients to find their own answers where possible and support them to achieve their objectives by narrowing their focus, identify obstacles, make good choices and take effective action.

Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool in improving performance, both inside the competitive sport environment and for those in the wider sports industry.

Structured leadership development programmes

Leadership is a constant learning and evolving process. Great leaders are always looking at developing and challenging themselves to improve.

Our leadership development programmes are tailored to your requirements but focus on key areas essential to outstanding leadership in the sports industry.

Whether you are seeking to support and challenge your current leadership team or identify and upskill your future leaders, our programmes led by industry experts develop self-awareness, improve thinking, promote understanding and provide practical tools to ensure your leaders of today and tomorrow thrive.

Our programmes and executive coaching, whether for individuals or teams, are focused on achieving high-performance and tangible outcomes for both the participants and their organisation.

The benefits are multiple:

– Tangible impact on individual and team performance
– A motivated team who can see they are valued by their employer
– Reduced staff turnover resulting in reduced recruitment costs
– Improved succession planning
– The development of your next generation of leaders who are knowledgeable, experienced, loyal and motivated

Specialist mental health & well-being expertise

Professional sport is a high-profile, highly pressurised environment for athletes and players who operate under intense scrutiny.

The same is true of sports industry leaders and executives who also face significant pressure which can take its toll on mental health and well-being.

Kinsey Sears provides leaders in the sports industry with exceptional support through our panel of highly experienced and qualified coaches who deliver outstanding leadership development programmes, coaching and mentoring.

We are now expanding our areas of support with specialist mental health and well-being expertise within the Kinsey Sears team. This enables us to provide specialist support to professionals in the sports sector who require help with key issues including anxiety, depression, addiction or extreme cases of poor mental health.

If you would like to enquire about the support the Kinsey Sears team can offer contact us at Please note that all enquiries and conversations are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Executive Coaching Testimonial
``I was fortunate enough to have 3 coaching sessions recently with Hayley which has proven to be invaluable. I've never engaged with a professional coach before so didn't really know what to expect or know how beneficial this could be. It's amazing what can be achieved in a few sessions and I’m really pleased with the outcome. Hayley was able to have a tangible impact from my first session (when I was quite frankly overwhelmed with my daily tasks and unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel). We agreed a number of targets between sessions and the difference between each session was amazing. Hayley really helped me to understand 'why' I was doing what I was doing and has helped me link my daily tasks to my business goals. I've taken on board the advice and practical tips which will remain with me forever. I can highly recommend Hayley as a coach, it was effortless and has had a really positive impact on me and my business.”
Managing Director, Huckleberry Sport

Executive Coaching Testimonial
“Tom has a unique ability that helps you see the ‘bigger picture’ and to identify which goals are really important and how we might achieve these goals through future choices and actions. He does this not by telling us what to do, but by enabling us to make choices with better clarity and perspective. The impact has been tangible and I can’t recommend his coaching highly enough.”
Head of Education Operations, The Football Association

Executive Coaching Testimonial
“My coaching and mentoring sessions with Tom have been an invaluable part in the latest stage of my career and professional development, providing a really safe environment to share some fairly candid thoughts but also challenging me to really interrogate and put much greater structure around my thought process and decision making. The balance Tom has been able to strike between informal discussion but always bring the conversation back around to purpose has been really impressive and has genuinely (and positively) impacted my approach at work over the past 6 months or so.”
Head of Business Development, Premiership Rugby

Executive Coaching Testimonial
“PTI have used the sessions with Tom as a core part of our CPD strategy for our staff. They’ve proved engaging and helpful to members right across our team – from seasoned industry executives to those taking their first steps. The coaching/mentoring programme has helped our staff to get an external perspective and find new ways of developing, whilst the team profiling sessions have allowed us to understand more about each other as individuals and how to get the best out of each other – critical for a small yet fast growing team, particularly against the backdrop of Covid and remote working. We’ve certainly seen the immediate benefits of working alongside Tom and look forward to expanding and strengthening our relationship moving forwards.”
CEO, PTI Digital

Executive Coaching Testimonial
``Having enjoyed four coaching/mentoring sessions with Hayley now, she has been incredibly helpful and I believe she has really accelerated my development within current my role. We broke down what I wanted to achieve into sessions, of which I can genuinely say I took a lot from each of them. Hayley asks all the right questions to get the unconscious answers out and we would then to set achievable targets and goals. I have found her mentoring/coaching sessions inspirational and will take a lot of her advice on board throughout the rest of my career.”
Commercial Executive, PTI Digital