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International Cricket Council (ICC)


Cricket Operations Department
Wasim Khan: General Manager, Cricket
Sean Easey: Manager, Umpires and Referees


September – October 2023


360 Review with ICC Cricket Operations department, Umpires and Match Officials


  1. To develop self-awareness and improve individual and team-performance, understand each team member’s strengths and areas for development, develop insights into how the individual works on their own and as part of an elite level team of officials, and highlight areas for potential improvement and on-going development.
  2. To highlight re-occurring themes across the team from which ICC Cricket Operations Department could tackle with further support.


The ICC Cricket Operations Department was looking to provide evaluation and coaching support for their match officials and office staff, to assist them in their personal development amid the high-pressured environment they work within.

KinseySears designed and delivered a 360⁰ review process, which included a personal 1:1 feedback and coaching session, with a selection of ICC Cricket Operations Department, umpires and match officials prior to the Cricket World Cup 2023. This provided an objective framework for developing self-awareness, created a confidential environment for constructive two-way feedback, and a mechanic that highlighted to ICC any re-occurring themes which they could address centrally.


  • Provided 30 individuals (umpires, match officials and office staff) with a personalised 360 review and 1:1 feedback coaching session to review key areas for development with a qualified leadership coach.
  • Unanimously positive feedback from individuals, both for ICC in taking the initiative for the process, and KinseySears for the process itself – and desire to repeat the process within 12 months to track progress.
  • A request from almost all individuals for some form of continued personal coaching and development support.
  • Greater visibility for ICC Cricket Operations Department on key themes from which to consider how they may centrally support their teams.


‘’For the ICC to recognise that officiating professionals working at the very highest level and under intense pressure require the support and development routinely afforded to players and athletes, is a highly progressive initiative that should be applauded.

The timelines to get the first phase of the project complete ahead of the Cricket World Cup were tight, but the ICC Cricket Operations team were incredibly engaged and invested in the programme and together we really delivered. The importance of this initiative has been evidenced by the hugely positive feedback we have had from the coaching and development sessions, and many members of the group have made changes to the way they are operating and interacting at the World Cup, showing tangible improvements already.

KinseySears look forward to continuing their work with the ICC Cricket Operations Dept to support their teams and ensure they keep operating to the very highest standards expected of a global governing body of such a high-profile sport.’’
Tom Sears: MD, KinseySears